New KB Articles Published on Week Ending July 17, 2021

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Below are new knowledge base articles published on the week of July 11-17, 2021.

  • KB 10745 - Configurations required for DoDIN APL
  • KB 11289 - How to upgrade from DoDIN APL configuration
  • KB 11423 - License violation Alerts on Postpaid Prism Central
  • KB 11608 - Improper network configuration with Microsoft NLB server may result in high percentage of Rx errors on host NICs
  • KB 11655 - PostgreSQL Basic Commands
  • KB 11693 - Acropolis leadership change on AHV clusters with 5.19.x or newer with LACP may lead to unexpected link flap
  • KB 11701 - X-Ray: S3 Object Storage Microbenchmark test fails when object size is increased
  • KB 11711 - 1-click ESXi Hypervisor upgrade on Single node cluster hangs when vCLS(vSphere Clustering Service) VM is not powered off
  • KB 11714 - Post AOS upgrade to bond_mode shown as "none" in manage_ovs output

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