New KB Articles Published on Week Ending January 21, 2023

  • 2 February 2023
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Below are new knowledge base articles published on the week of January 15-21, 2023.

  • KB 10596 - Prism Central Pre-Upgrade Check: test_prism_central_cmsp_enablement_check
  • KB 14074 - LCM Pre-check: test_empty_ilo_task_queue
  • KB 14105 - After AOS upgrade to 6.x, users with the Prism Element Backup Admin role are unable to use AD credentials to log in to Prism Element
  • KB 14167 - AHV upgrade is blocked in LCM or newer if running vGPUs VMs are found
  • KB 14185 - Power state of VMs managed by the Nutanix AHV Plugin for Citrix on AHV clusters changed to "Unknown" after upgrading AOS cluster to version AOS 6.6 or newer
  • KB 14194 - Metrics-enabled (vhostmd) VMs fail to start on AHV 20220304.x
  • KB 14198 - UpdateVmDbState task can often be seen on AHV clusters

Note: You may need to log in to the Support Portal to view some of these articles.

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