New KB Articles Published on Week Ending April 1, 2023

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Below are new knowledge base articles published on the week of March 26-April 1, 2023.

  • KB 13758 - NCC health check: usb_nic_status_check
  • KB 14480 - LCM 2.5: Intel hardware DCF firmware upgrade failure since the KCS Policy Control Mode is currently set to "RESTRICTED"
  • KB 14488 - Error: Protection domain 'XXXX' has entities in clone. Delete the clones before deleting this protection domain
  • KB 14502 - ASMFD may cause instability on Linux VMs running on AHV
  • KB 14504 - After enabling CMSP on PC the protected entities under remote AZ shows error "Failed to Fetch"
  • KB 14510 - How to extend storage on SQL database servers managed by NDB
  • KB 14530 - Nutanix Files: "Invalid start IP address" error during deployment
  • KB 14532 - Unable to install NGT as CDROM is not recognized in a Windows VM
  • KB 14538 - VMware Update Manager (VUM) service crashing caused by a large amount of connections made to vCenter
  • KB 14564 - Powering on the VM on the AHV host may fail with the "Unexpected combination of memoryBackings in XML file: <memoryBacking>" error
  • KB 14565 - "Invalid bus address: sata.6" error shown when trying to add 7th device (disk or CDROM) to the SATA bus

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