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  • 19 August 2020
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What are the commands to shutdown and delete guest VMs?


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It cannot be done with ncli, but can be done with acli:

To do a graceful guest shutdown: acli vm.guest_shutdown <vm_name> (requires NGT on the VM)

To power off a VM: acli <vm_name>

To delete a VM: acli vm.delete <vm_name>

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You can explore the acli commands by typing “acli” and clicking Enter, then you can click Tab twice and it will give you all the possible options of the commands. Then, for example, if you type in the acli prompt “vm.” and hit tab twice again it will show you all the possible commands for VM.


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Instead of a name, can I use the UUID of the VM?


What does NGT stand for?

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Yes, UUID can be also used.

NGT stands for Nutanix Guest Tools. You can read about it here: