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  • 17 April 2020
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The NCC health check check_vcenter_connection verifies if the vCenter Server is registered with Prism and if a connection can be established.

Nutanix cluster communicates with vCenter Server to obtain virtual machine information necessary for certain Nutanix cluster operations like Data Protection, One-Click upgrades, etc. If the vCenter Server is not registered or is not accessible, those operations may fail.


The check returns a PASS if vCenter Server is registered with Prism Element and connection can be established.

The check returns an INFO if vCenter is not registered with Prism

The check returns a FAIL if vCenter is registered with Prism and the connection to vCenter cannot be established.

This scheduled to run every 5 minutes, by default and will generate an alert after 3 consecutive failures across scheduled intervals.


To take a look at the NCC check and the solution section


For instructions on how to register your cluster with vCenter, take a look at

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