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  • 3 April 2020
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Nutanix recommends that you use a single container in an AHV cluster to simplify VM and image management. What if you still have to have more than one container and wish to split existing VMs between the containers? 

For example, you created a container named Production and want to move all production VMs to that container.


Since currently there is no Storage vMotion equivalent available to move VMs between containers, what we do as a workaround is that we create images from the vdisk and then use these images to deploy new VMs and selecting the desired container.


A general overview of the process looks this:

  1. Find the VM disk files.

  2. Power off the VM.

  3. Create images from the files found in step 1 using acli.

  4. Create a new VM using acli or using Prism UI. Use the image created in Step 3 as a source for the disk.

  5. Power on the VM and check if everything is working fine. You can delete the old VM or the image if required.


To have a detailed look at the steps and the commands involved, take a look at KB-2663


Have any questions, drop a comment and let’s start a discussion.

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