Migrating VMs to both Nutanix and non-Nutanix environment.

  • 20 February 2020
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Let’s say that a VM migration is required for data protection or as part of a disaster recovery, what is the scenarios and the recommended practice?

Check out our documentation about data protection and disaster recovery we wrote this guide for IT administrators and architects who want more information about the data protection and disaster recovery features built into the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud.

The data protection subject is huge and has a lot of branches, let’s focus on a small component which is migrating the VMs from one location to another.

The migration could be done between Nutanix hosts, Nutanix Clusters or migration from non-Nutanix Storage to a Nutanix Storage. 

The simplest scenario is migrating the VMs from one host to another in the same cluster, the VMs will migrate automatically after placing the host into maintenance mode by the recommended practice of the host’s hypervisor, the only CVM that would stay on that host is the Controller VM (CVM) which is responsible for all the VMs’ I/Os on that particular host.

Check out KB-1062 for more information and scenarios. 

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