Migrating Guest VM From A Protection Domain To A Protection Policy

  • 12 August 2021
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You can protect a guest VM either with a protection domain in Prism Element or with a protection policy in Prism Central. If you have guest VMs in protection domains, migrate those guest VMs to protection policies to orchestrate their disaster recovery using Leap


Migration from protection domains to protection policies is a disruption process. For successful migration,

  • Ensure that the guest VMs have no on-going replication.

  • Ensure that the guest VMs do not have volume groups.

  • Ensure that the guest VMs are not in consistency groups.


To migrate a guest VM from a protection domain to a protection policy manually, perform the following procedure.



  • Unprotect the guest VM from the protection domain

    • Do not delete the guest VM snapshots in the protection domain. Prism Central reads those guest VM snapshots to generate new recovery points without full replication between the primary and recovery Nutanix clusters.

    • If you delete the guest VM snapshots, the VM data replicates afresh (full replication).

    • Nutanix recommends keeping the VM snapshots in the protection domain until the first recovery point for the guest VM is available on Prism Central.

    • A large protection domain consists of more than 500 guest VMs. If you migrate the guest VMs manually from a large protection domain, the VM data replicates afresh (full replication)


  • Log on to Prism Central and protect the guest VMs with the protection policies individually or through VM categories.


For more info, please refer Xi-Leap

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