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  • 14 July 2020
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I have a cluster with 3 nodes and AOS 5.10.10 and need upgrade to 5.15 but the nodes not have access to Internet.

I upload the AOS 5.15 and show me in the Prism Console the versionm but not permit run the upgrade to new version.

Need to know if is possible run the upgrade directly through cli to update the cluster.

Thanks for your comments

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2 replies

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Hi @Sebastian Antunez 

Please check out our Upgrade Path page to determine if you can Upgrade to a particular version. Sorta like compatibility matrix but for AOS Versions to Jump to.

The version you specified dont seems to be compatible. Try 5.15.1 :thumbsup_tone2:



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Hi Sebastian,


In relation to AOS upgrade via CLI, I’d recommend to open a case with Nutanix Support. Nutanix advocates for all operations to be executed from the UI hence it may be possible but under Nutanix engineer supervision.