Manual Shutdown Token Revocation

  • 19 February 2021
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The shutdown token is used by a Nutanix cluster to prevent more than one entity from being down or offline during the occasion of software upgrades or other cluster maintenance. The CVM that is holding the token is the only entity allowed to be down or offline. Sometimes, for various reasons, a CVM can remain holding the token even after an upgrade or maintenance has been successfully completed. This usually does not cause any issues, however, until another upgrade or maintenance is invoked on the cluster sometime in the future. Upgrades or other maintenance pre-checks will search for any unrevoked tokens and, if existing, not proceed until that token has been properly revoked. Before manually revoking the token, it is good practice to verify that there are indeed no outstanding or ongoing upgrades or maintenance activities currently occurring with the cluster. Once confirmed, manual token revocation is often accomplished by a simple restart of the Genesis service on the CVM currently holding the token. You can read more about this procedure from the “Pre-check : test_check_revoke_shutdown_token - Shutdown token taken by a node during a prior upgrade unable to be released” knowledge base article.

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