Managing AHV Networking using manage_ovs

  • 31 July 2020
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Have you ever wanted to view or change the network configuration of an AHV host but thought that working directly with Open vSwitch seemed daunting or overwhelming? Don’t worry! Nutanix developers have produced an AHV-specific tool that allows for the management of Open vSwitch via a simple interface called “manage_ovs”. This interface has the following features (among others) and even maintains a built-in help system:

  • Viewing current network interfaces statuses
  • Viewing/changing the uplink interfaces configuration
  • Viewing/changing the uplinks bonding configuration

The “manage_ovs” interface is available (as a command) while connected to any of the CVMs of an AHV cluster via CLI. You can find more information about the “manage_ovs” interface as per the AHV NETWORK MANAGEMENT section of the AHV Networking Guide.

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