Maintenance mode | AHV vs ESXi

  • 24 February 2020
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Most of us are aware of what maintenance mode is. But how is its execution different in ESXi and AHV in Nutanix?


Well… it’s just a small tweak!


While trying to put ESXi host in maintenance mode, it will get stuck as the CVM, which cannot be migrated off to other hosts, needs to be powered off and then the action will be completed.


In the case of AHV, this need not be done, once you provide the instruction to put the host in maintenance mode, the user VMs will be migrated to other hosts and the host will enter maintenance mode, irrespective of the CVM being powered off.


In short, “The CVM need not be powered off to put AHV host in maintenance mode, which is the case with ESXi


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