Logical Networking in Hyper-V

  • 6 August 2020
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Networking on a Hyper-V host is very similar to networking on an AHV host and an ESXi host.  Naming of objects is again different, but functionality is the same:


Just like with AHV and ESXi, the hypervisor has a connection to both the InternalSwitch and the ExternalSwitch.  The name of the hypervisor on a Hyper-V host is confusingly also Hyper-V, and this hypervisor attaches to virtual switches by way of a vEthernet port.  All virtual network adapters are where the VLANs are defined, and also where the network names are defined.  

Hyper-V doesn't have port groups, it has network names which don't work at all the same way that they do in AHV. 

Verification Commands from Powershell

  • Get-netadaptervmq

  • Get-netadaptervmqQueue





Please refer to this link for detail explanation of Networking in hyper-v


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