Logbay is a tool Which Helps in Collecting Logs

  • 2 July 2020
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Logbay is a tool which helps in collecting logs

  • sees fewer CVM/PCVM (Controller VM/PC VM) resources, such as CPU, memory, system partition /home disk space, and disk IO

  • Easier and more flexible to use via cli, including for targeted time-windows or specific components

Backward compatibility

  • Logbay is supported from AOS 5.5.7 through 5.5.z, and from 5.9 and higher.

  • AOS 5.5 through 5.5.6 requires the use of log_collector.

  • Logbay is not supported with EOL versions of AOS and PC.

By logging into any of the CVM we can run the log collector and collect logs for specific day, time and duration 

  1. Check cluster time using following command

$CVM: date

  1. Run the logbay command

$CVM: logbay collect --from=2019/04/09-14:00:00 --duration=+6h15m

  • Change the day,time and duration according to the requirement

  • If no flags are given it will collect logs for last 4 hours

  1. The logs will be collected from each CVM and will be stored in 



  1. Using software like winscp to extract logs from each CVM and attach to nutanix case

  2. If FTP is enabled on your cluster you can avoid the manual work of attaching logs to the case and it will be directly attached to your case(exclude starting 00)

$CVM:logbay collect --dst=ftp://nutanix -c <case_number>

  1. Another form of this command can be

$CVM:logbay collect --dst=ftp://nutanix -c <> --from=2019/11/20-09:00:00 --duration=+24h

  1. To collect logs from a single CVM. it will collect log from the CVM on which the command is executed

    $CVM:logbay collect  --from=2019/11/20-09:00:00 --duration=+24h --aggregate=true


Please see following article for detail



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