LCM update of Foundation 5.4 consistently fails

  • 29 May 2023
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Using LCM to update Foundation to version 5.4 I am finding that it consistently fails on Lenovo hardware.

I’ve tried two clusters so far that were both at AOS version 6.5.2 but both LCM updates of Foundation to version 5.4 failed.

Ominously there is mention in the Field Installation Giude for Foundation 5.4 (link below) that “Software Update” should not be used to update Foundation on Lenovo platforms, and advises to use the command line instead.

It worked when using the command line, so my question is: what’s going wrong when LCM attempts this?

What tends to happen is that most nodes except 1 or 2 are successfully updated, with the remaining node neeing to be done by hand from the command line.

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