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  • 29 October 2019
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Nutanix offers a monitoring & alerting utility, NCC - Nutanix Cluster check, which comes    pre-installed on every CVM.

Nutanix Cluster Check is a powerful framework which includes several plugins to monitor & alert on different hardware and software components. It is installed on every CVM across a single cluster on all nodes.

It comes with almost all Nutanix products, such as Prism Central, Files etc. NCC will include the relevant checks for these products, enabling Nutanix administrators to keep on top of any software, configuration issues.


Following are some of the important Hardware (Physical Components) checks and alerting offered byNCC:

a) Periodic Disk checks

b) Periodic BIOS / BMC Firmware checks (Versions / Upgrades required)

c) Boot Devices Monitoring (Sata DOM or M.2)

d) SSD and HDD wear and tear checks

e) BIOS, BMC checks to ensure all hardware components are current and stable

f) Network Interface card checks

g) IPMI / Out of band management interface checks

h) Power Supply checks

i) System Fan checks


Pro-Tip : Always keep NCC updated and Always run full a NCC check before upgrading any software or hardware component. You can execute a full NCC check from Prism Element > Health > Actions or from any CVM command line in the cluster:

ncc health_checks run_all

NCC includes a plugin called update_hardware_info.

By default, This plugin automatically refreshes data every 86400 seconds. 

However, after a component replacement, you can run the update_hardware_info plugin to refresh the cached information.

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