Is there the possibility of direct access to the OVA files generated in the tool?

  • 4 August 2023
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We know that there is a tool to export a VM in OVA format, and with that, it is available for download in the tool's dashboard. But I need to export many VMs at once and move these OVA files to a location with available storage on my local network. Is there a possibility to access the location (within Nutanix) where these OVA files are stored to copy them all in a single action?

Regards, Tiago Santiago

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Prism central gives the option to create OVA from VMs while they are stopped. These files are residing in NDFS but secured and not have direct access like traditional VMFS/NFS/SMB. 

If your use case is to store the VM why not look at backup these VMs and save them on local storage, check Hycu, vprotect, veeam, and others which will give you easy way to dump vms to local storage.