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  • 15 July 2020
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if the ipmi vlan option is disabled and i configured the switch side ports to a specific vlan, Will i be able to reach the ipmi if i connect my workstation to an interface in the switch with same vlan or do i need to enable the vlan option in nutanix and put the vlan tag as well.?


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Hi @Farqad AlAli 

If the switch port is tagged to any VLAN then IPMI VLAN needs to enabled and tagged over there with the same vlan id.


If there is no VLAN tagged on the switch port (default vlan) then IPMI VLAN should be disabled.


On the NX platform, by default the IPMI interfaces do not have a VLAN ID enabled or configured, and assume untagged, or VLAN 0, traffic in the configured IPMI network interface.

IPMI VLAN configuration options are available under the 'Configuration / Network' web GUI menu;

VLAN: enabled/disabled

VLAN ID: [numerical VLAN ID to match upstream switch trunk link configuration]

Once the VLAN has been changed via the IPMI web GUI, it assumes the upstream switch is, or is about to be, configured correctly with suitable matching VLAN ID tag configuration.


Please refer below article for detail

if i left it disabled and played with the vlan from switch side
will i be able to access it from my workstation if i was on the same vlan on the physical network?


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Hi @Farqad AlAli 

If you disable from IPMI side it means no vlan is assigned (default vlan) then you can change accordingly from the switch side and test.

In-order to access IPMI, all the components IPMI, switch port and laptop should be in same subnet or routing should be there if the laptop is in different subnet