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  • 1 April 2020
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Hello All,

i have a question want to explain 

what’s the differents between IPMI port and SHARED IMPI?

if there are any business or technical cases to choose between them ? 


thank you,


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Hi Mohamed,

(Nutanix NX Series) [...] We highly recommend that you use a 10G data port in addition to the dedicated IPMI port. Also, ensure that you use the dedicated IPMI port instead of the shared IPMI port. You may use a 1G port instead of a 10G port at the cost of increased imaging time or imaging failure. If you use SFP+ 10G NICs and a 1G RJ45 switch for imaging, connect the 10G port to the switch using one of our approved GBICs. You may also use the shared IPMI/1G port in place of the dedicated port, as long as the BMC is configured to use it, but it is less reliable than the dedicated port.

Use the following guideline when connecting the IPMI port on G4 and later platforms: if you use the shared IPMI port, make sure that the connected switch can auto-negotiate to 100 Mbps. This auto-negotiation capability is required because the shared IPMI port can support 1 Gbps throughput only when the host is online. If the switch cannot auto-negotiate to 100 Mbps when the host goes offline, make sure to use the dedicated IPMI port instead of the shared port (the dedicated IPMI ports support 1 Gbps throughput at all times). Older platforms support only 10/100 Mbps throughput.

Source: Field installation guide

The downside of using a shared IPMI port KB-3834 IPMI not accessible when the node is powered off or rebooting

Let us know if this helps, please.