Installing NGT in a Windows Server 2019 image

  • 14 September 2021
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Hi All, 

After installing NGT in a win server 2019 image, NCC reported that: 

Client certificates for VM *** with uuid ***-**-**-**-*** are expiring in -18883 days and need to be regenerated.Upon Certificate expiry, the CVM-Guest VM communication will be broken.

(i have removed uuid and vm name from texts for quick reading)

And after i follow the instructions in KB3868 i run this command from a CVM "ncli ngt list" i found that some of the VMs have a communication problem:

VM Id                     : xxxxxxxx::xxxxxx     
VM Name : yyyyyyyy
NGT Enabled : true
Tools ISO Mounted : true
Vss Snapshot : true
File Level Restore : false
Communication Link Active : false

Then checking inside on the Win server 2019 VM i can seee that the NGT python processes are running but the are errors on C:\Program Files\Nutanix\logs\guest_agent_service.INFO

ERROR C:\Program Files\Nutanix\python\bin\ kNotAuthorized: Nutanix Guest Tools Not Enabled

ERROR C:\Program Files\Nutanix\python\bin\ kNotAuthorized error encoutered, stopping the guest agent service

I hope you guys could help me.


3 replies

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something like that

ncli ngt list
(find the right ID_)
nutanix_guest_tools_cli delete_vm_tools_entity ID_ 
nutanix_guest_tools_cli create_vm_tools_entity ID_
ncli ngt enable-applications vm-id=ID_ application-names="vss-snapshot"

reboot windows

Vss Snapshot              : true



I see, but the problem is not in the link between CVM and the VM ?

Because the Communication Link Active is marked as false, i need it to be marked as true.

You understand my problem?

Thanks in advance friend.

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Hi, you need to delete_vm_tools_entity and then recreates it, from cli, by create_vm_tools_entity