Increasing CVM memory

  • 17 February 2020
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Let’s say you need to increase the CVM memory depending on the workload or to enable certain AOS features.

You can increase memory reserved for each Controller VM in your cluster by using the 1-click Controller VM Memory Upgrade available from the Prism web console.


To increase the memory, follow these steps:-

  1. Login into the Prism console.

  2. Click on the gear icon.

  3. Select “Configure CVM”.

  4. Select the target CVM memory allocation > Apply.


Be informed that resizing memory for a Controller VM requires a reboot as part of the process. But there’s nothing to worry as the reboot will be in a rolling way, which means, only 1 CVM will reboot at a time ensuring no production impact.


If a Controller VM was already allocated more memory than your choice, it remains at the same memory amount but the CVMs having lesser memory than the choice will get increased.


Let’s say you have 4 CVMs with 2 having 20 GB memory and 2 with 32 GB. You want to increase the 20 GB ones to 28 GB. The ones with 20 GB will get upgraded to 28, but there will be no effect on the ones with 32 GB.

So now you’ll have 2 CVMs with 28 GB and 2 with 32 GB memory.


The Guide with all the steps in detail is here


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