Identifying xi leap vs leap

  • 15 October 2020
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It's very simple to identify Xi leap from leap

From the CLI of the PC, run the command "nuclei availability_zone.list" to list the Availability Zones connected to the local AZ

For Xi leap availability zone name shows name as US-WEST-1B

nutanix@cvm$ nuclei availability_zone.list 
"Total Entities : 2"
"Length : 2"
"Offset : 0"
"Entities :"
Name UUID State
Local AZ e007dd9a-1910-4a82-a4a5-9a9c7110d0f5 COMPLETE
US-WEST-1B cce71719-d160-47b0-874a-171a61f8e6ee COMPLETE

For leap it should start something like


Xi leap can be found in PC by clicking on gear icon-->Xi cloud service


For details please refer leap administration guide

leap guide

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