How to show IP address using ACLI vm.list command

  • 1 February 2021
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I’m executing command:

/usr/local/nutanix/bin/acli vm.list

The output is:

002Nutanix-Production-Mgmt  fa4aa572-a757-4e9f-a151-760a290195bd
2016-delete- 0              0cc10b90-108f-404f-b48d-ac8a1d1e5bad
72222092-crrs-os-VDA717   1034b811-75ea-4b13-9688-892de9bc9b67
87777823                    be6afd54-e56f-4d9b-8101-c0dd946581c3
632224333                    348430c2-7567-4579-b04a-9b23ba6890b1
Rddu-Case01                 66b8ca97-bafc-46f9-9748-6ac9b2e580cd

I also need to see the IP address of each VM.

I found this link that shows how to do it with NCLI but NOT ACLI

Listing VMs via CLI for importing into Excel

2 replies

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I think that from acli you can only get the vm ip if you are using IPAM from AHV. Here’s an example of a VM using IPAM

If you are setting up the ip’s manually the IP is not shown

Maybe someone can correct me if i’m wrong




Thank you for the response, I’m not sure if we are using IPAM, how ever, I have a script that executes the command and I need a full listing of VMs with IP addresses.