How to Run Execuatble Script from Desktop

  • 13 September 2019
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Hi. I am fairly new to scripting especially with Nutanix. I can do Powershell scripting just fine but making the conversion to shell scripts has my brain in a knot. I have some acli commands to create a new vm, create a new Disk and a new NIC but I was unsure how to run them as an executable from my Windows desktop. Our cluster is Nutanix AHV.

So I run this from a command line to open putty and connect. It works fine without the script.
putty.exe -ssh -pw ****** -m "C:\"

The script is:
#creates a clone of Server2016
#vm.clone aTest clone_from_vm="Server2016RefImage" memory=8G num_cores_per_vcpu=2 num_vcpus=2;

#creates a D drive
# vm.disk_create aTest bus=scsi create_size=200G index=1 container="Container-1";

#Add a NIC
#vm.nic_create aTest connected=true network="Vlan6";

Each line will run fine if I run it in putty but I am not sure if I am stringing the commands together correctly. If I try to execute the script it opens the putty session then freezes.

Am I just barking up the wrong tree? Is there somewhere I can go for some basic knowledge for this? Some youtube videos or something on Pluralsight? The nutanix documentation can only get me so far and other than that and here I can find no other resources for Nutanix. Sorry for the newbie question but I am stumped.

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To pass commands programmatically to a puTTY sessions you may want to try plink. It is available from the same site, and you can pass commands as a script that you want to execute. This will likely work better for you.

Here are some examples to help out:

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So I figured out to pass a command by putting acli in front of the command. That solves the freezing issue I was having. So this works.
acli vm.clone aTest clone_from_vm="Server2016RefImage" memory=8G num_cores_per_vcpu=2 num_vcpus=2;

I can get them to run now using putty or plink, there seems to be no difference but what I can't do now is run multiple commands one after another. It will now clone my existing VM but I can't get it to add the hard drive or NIC from a script.

Do I need to add in a time delay between commands? Maybe this is something that would work better with a product like Ansible?

Ideally I would like to just have the script prompt me for a VM name and IP when I run it.

If there is a better way to do this please let me know. Again, I am used to running PS scripts from my laptop to a server and they execute the script. I am just trying to do the equivalent shell commands and I am just not that well versed in shell scripting.

I see Nutanix has PS commandlets but I have not gotten that to work in our environment yet and the ACLI are so elegant I hate to not use them.
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I figured it out. I had a typo in the other lines. Putting ACLI in front of each command allows it to run. Using ; or && will also allow it to run one command after another. Thanks for the help.
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I'm glad you figured it out. That's great news!