How to modify the hostname of the Controller VM?

  • 1 May 2020
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This article describes how to rename the CVM entity in Prism within the AHV environment.

This does not change the hostname of the CVM displayed in a console/SSH session as the hostname is a value configured within the CMV OS and is independent of the Controller VM name entity recorded in the Prism entity DB (Insights Data Fabric).

It is the same name as in CVM’s XML definition on the AHV host. It can be checked by listing VMs on the host. The name displayed is the name that is shown in the Prism Wen console.

Starting from AOS 5.10.10, 5.15 and 5.16, change_cvm_display_name script is available on CVM that can be used to change the display name.


Following is the overview of the rename procedure:

  1. Complete the pre-checks: 

    • Name must start with NTNX- and end with -CVM. Only letters, numbers and "-" are supported in the name.

    • CVM should be able to receive a shutdown token. Once CVM has shutdown token it will be turned off

  1. The script does not put the CVM or the host into maintenance mode, so VMs will not be evacuated and will continue running with I/O redirected while CVM is off.

  2. Once the CVM is rebooted the new name should appear in the Prism.


To take a detailed look at how to run the  command and what are the expected prompts, take a look at KB-2717


To change the CVM’s hostname as seen from a command-line session, please refer to

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