How To Login Into File Server Virtual Machines And How To Change File Server User Password?

  • 5 November 2020
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We can SSH to the File Server VM using the following process


  1. Retrieve the IP address for the FSVM.


  • Log on to the CVM.


                ssh nutanix@cvm_ip_address


  • Enter the CVM password.


  • List the FSVM IPs.


                nutanix@cvm$ ncli fs ls


         FSVM IPs appear in the following format Nvm IP Addresses: internal IP,external IP.


      2. SSH onto the FSVM using the internal IP.


               nutanix@cvm$ ssh internal_ip_address


Change password of FSVM:


  1. Log on to a file server VM with SSH.


  1. Change the nutanix password.


                   nutanix@fsvm$ sudo passwd nutanix


  1. Respond to the prompts, providing the current and new nutanix user password.


                  Changing password for user nutanix.

                  Old Password:

                  New password:

                  Retype new password:

                  passwd: all authentication tokens updated successfully.


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