How to identify whether the installed AOS version is LTS or STS

  • 28 April 2020
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Currently, we have two types of releases:

  1. Short Term Support (STS) releases that have new features, but also imply regular upgrades.

  2. Long Term Support (LTS) releases that are maintained for a longer duration and provide primarily bug fixes for an extended period of time on a particular release family.

Depending on your choice of the type of the release i.e. LTS or STS, you can identify the type that has been currently installed using one of the following methods: 

  1. By looking for is LTS field in the nCLI version.

  2. By looking for is LTS field in cluster information.

  3. From release tag file contents on the CVM.

  4. From the Zeus configuration printer.

  5. From the upgrade history.


To take a look at the commands involved, how the output looks, and what to expect, please give a read to KB-6235.


To know more about short term and long term releases, take a look at

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