How to get SMS message from Nutanix alerts

  • 30 January 2019
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Hi all,

Our end users want to get SMS service when Nutanix has alert.

May I know the following things?

1) Do you have any script or API to send SMS by using SNMP?

2) Is it possible to share the script?

3) If there is no script for SNMP, what is the best way to send SMS to end users?

Thanks in advance for your support

Billy Seo

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2 replies

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Hello @BillySeo 

I don’t think we have SMS alerting feature yet, but you can use the V3 API
To get a list of alerts and create a script with third-party SMS senders to send you periodic alerts by polling the V3 API. 



Hi Billy,


Yes! you can have alert emails sent as SMS.

  1. Login to Prism element, navigate to Alert, click on ‘Configure’ drop down and click on ‘Email Configuration.
  2. Under Settings, go to Email Recipients and add the phone number along with the network provider domain ( ex: If T-mobile, your domain name is, please look for the domain for your network provider)
  3. You can also navigate to Rules tab and set severity and key phrase to filter alter

To make sure you receive the SMS send test email from your outlook.

Please let me know if you have more questions.