How to get SATADOM firmware Version?

  • 24 July 2020
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How to get SATADOM firmware Version on Nutanix AHV Hosts. We are planning to upgrade Hardware Firmware and need to upgrade SATADOM firmware before that. Also, it;s not showing under LCM. We are using AOS 5.15.1 and having latest NCC, Foundation installed.

4 replies

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have you tried ‘allssh lsscsi’? that should list the all of the devices and fw ver

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Or you could run the specific NCC check: 

ncc health_checks hardware_checks disk_checks sata_dom_fwv_check

I’m not running AHV so can’t test AHV specific commands. Here’s one for ESXi for future searchers:

allssh 'ssh root@ "esxcli storage core device list | grep -A 4 Path"'
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@ChadChad thanks for your reply.

I got the answer, there is no SATA DOM on Lenovo HX5520(or new Lenovo Hypervisor solution I guess), they are now using M.2 Enablement Kit instead.

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Glad you got your answer, happy Friday!