How to Download IOS Files from Nutanix AHV Cluster

  • 13 December 2023
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If you’re working with a Nutanix AHV Cluster and need to download IOS files, here’s a step-by-step guide to make the process seamless.

Step 1: Connect to CVM via SSH

Open a secure shell (SSH) session to one of the Controller Virtual Machines (CVM) in your Nutanix cluster. Use the following command:

ssh nutanix@<CVM-IP-Address>

Step 2: List Available Images

Once connected, use the Nutanix Acropolis Command Line Interface (acli) to list available images:

#acli image.list

Step 3: Copy Image UUID

Identify the IOS image you want to download and copy its UUID.

#acli image.get <Image-UUID>

From the results, copy the vdisk_uuid associated with the desired image

Step 4: Download Using WinSCP

Download and install WinSCP, a popular file transfer tool. Connect to one of the CVM IP addresses on port 2222 using the SFTP protocol. Ensure that you use the username ‘admin,’ not the Nutanix CVM username.

Navigate to the container and locate the disk image corresponding to the previously copied vdisk_uuid.

Step 5: Download the Disk Image

Initiate the download process by selecting the disk image and copying it to your local machine. This ensures that you have a copy of the IOS file readily available.

Step 6: Change Format to .iso

Once the download is complete, you’ll likely have the disk image in a format other than .iso. To use it as an IOS file, change the format to .iso. Various tools are available for this task, depending on your operating system.

Now, you have successfully downloaded the IOS file from your Nutanix AHV Cluster, and it’s ready for use.

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