How to correct your Cluster Health Checks

  • 23 October 2019
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What is the color of your Cluster Health Heart?


We use the following stoplight style color code to report the quick view of the cluster health, in the form of a color coded heart.



Cluster Healthy


Cluster has at least one Warning Alert


Cluster has at least one Critical Alert


To view the specific alert(s), on the Health Dashboard click on any of the selections from the Home Dashboard, or click on the Heart directly to be taken to the Health Dashboard overview.


Selection Options:

  • Remote Sites
  • Hosts
  • Services
  • Protection Domains

Once you have selected a specific Alert to review, you will have several options for the Alert.

  • Run Check
  • Turn Check Off
  • Alert Policy
  • Schedule

Make a note of the Alert name, and locate the Alert ID by searching for the Alert name in the Cluster Settings, Alert Policies view.



False Positive Alerts


Occasionally there will be an alert that will inaccurately show a warning or failure. When this occurs there are a few options to correct the issue.

  • Resolve the alert from the Alert Dashboard, then select the “Run Check” option for that Alert on the Health Dashboard.

If the alert returns, and there is still a concern that it maybe a False Positive Alert, the following KB article can be used to reset the Alerts score.

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