How many nodes are needed to implement block, file and object storage in a cluster?

  • 22 February 2022
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Hi All,

I want to test block storage, file storage and object storage. How many nodes are needed for the minimum cluster size? Is there a recommended configuration?


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Hi Fanjie,

You need min. 3 nodes.

For using block storage (Volumes) externally (Out side Nutanix cluster) you will need NCI-PRO or NCI-ULT. Internally available for NCI-STR

For using Files and Objects, NCI-PRO or NCI-ULT includes 1 TiB free for each. It was 1 TiB free for NCI-STR from few days ago, but now N/A I am not sure about STR right now.

For Volumes, you can use the same AOS cluster for Volumes services. For Files and Objects you can use the same cluster or build a dedicated cluster for them.