How failover of VMs would work in case of multiple hypervisor in commercial edition.

  • 8 March 2019
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In a Nutanix Cluster, if we have three hypervisors (say VMware / Hyper-V / AHV) if the AHV node is down, can the VMs from AHV node failover to Hyper-V or VMware hypervisors available in the same cluster in commercial edition of Nutanix.

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Hi @Chandan Pathak

You cannot have a Nutanix cluster with multiple hypervisors to run VMs... what you can do for instance is a vSphere ESXi cluster to run your VMs and some nodes running AHV, but the AHV node will be storage only, and the only VM running on the AHV node will be the CVM.

But, for disaster recovery, you can replicate VMs from ESXi to AHV and from AVH to ESXi, that feature is called Cross Hypervisor Disaster Recovery (CHDR), but this is not HA (High Availability).... that feature is for DR purpose only and you have to manually failover/recover the VMs on remote site in case of main site failure. Check the following documentation link for additional information about CHDR:
Thank you Richardson for your reply. It is helpful.