HDD/SSD Configuration for 3-Node Chassis

  • 7 February 2022
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I am trying to find configuration information for a Nutanix 3-node chassis, model # NX-3360-G5.  The only documentation I have been able to obtain pertains to 2 or 4 node chassis.  I presume the drive slots designated as node “D” are simply filled with blanking panels but would like some confirmation as such.  Additionally, I would like to know the replacement model number and where available.  Thank you.



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not exactly but might help with the specification:

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@BrianDonnan Kindly refer to the following documentation for NX-3060-G5 system  specifications -

Also, as mentioned by @JamesDyke earlier, as per the naming terminology for NX Hardware, the naming convention for NX-3060-G5 HW model is NX-3X60-G5 where X is the number of nodes present in the block. If your case, since you have 3 nodes, it will be NX-3360-G5

Also, the only difference between 3-nodes and 4-nodes in the NX-3060-G5 HW model is that the last node slot (located in position D) should be empty. Kindly refer to the NX-3060-G5 Node Naming guide for more details on this one. 

Regarding the replacement model number for this node, it will be NX-3060-G5 hardware model node. If this Nutanix asset has a valid support contract, then it will be available for replacement in case you have any node hardware failures which need a replacement. If this happens, then please contact Nutanix Support and we should be able to help you out in creating a dispatch for this node replacement.

Kindly let me know if you have any more questions on this one.