Hardware monitoring with numerous clusters

  • 25 March 2021
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We have numerous clusters and each have their own hardware platform (and in a couple of cases, we’ve even mixed hardware models within the same cluster). 

Our current Nutanix footprint;

Super Micro    NX-8155-G7    12
Super Micro    NX-1175S-G6    7
Super Micro    NX-3060-G7    6
Dell                 XC630-10         14
Super Micro    NX-8035-G7    12
Super Micro    NX-8035-G6    36

Is there a preferred or recommended solution for hardware monitoring and alerting? For instance; Dell OpenManage (DOM) or Supermicro Server Manager (SSM). I don’t readily know if either would support the others solution (like DOM supporting IPMIs or SSM supporting iDracs) Or, would Prism Central (and Prism Element) be sufficient for hardware monitoring and alerting?

We currently have and are using DOM but not for the SuperMicro hardware so I’m wondering if I’m potentially missing out on a better solution or not.


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Hello @mandg 
Nice question, thank you for posting it. The Nutanix Prism central and Prism element will be sufficient for hardware monitoring as long you keep your NCC upgraded to the latest version. Along with NCC, try to keep software and firmware versions up-to-date to avoid any hardware failure.