Getting Context-Specific Help From the Prism Web Console

  • 15 January 2021
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In this Google-ready culture, many users will immediately turn to an internet search engine when seeking for information regarding a specific question or issue involving Prism. However, many users are unaware that Prism maintains an online help system which responds-to and changes depending upon which dashboard is currently being viewed within Prism.

For example, a user may be interested in deploying a File Server and may have questions regarding this while reviewing the File Server dashboard within Prism. From that dashboard, simply clicking the global question mark icon from the top menu and selecting the “Help with this page” option will automatically open a new browser tab to the File Server Management section of the Prism Web Console Guide. What’s more, the specific version of the Prism Web Console Guide that is displayed corresponds to the current version of Prism from which it was launched.

Further, some of the dialogue boxes within Prism also contain a question mark icon which will also link to a corresponding section of the Prism Web Console Guide. There are also useful links for accessing this support community, along with the Support Portal and the Prism Web Console Guide available from the global question mark icon. You can find more information regarding this from the Accessing Online Help section of the Prism Web Console Guide.

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