Flow Control Plane Failed alert

  • 21 April 2020
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Flow is a software-defined networking product tightly integrated into Nutanix AHV and Prism. Flow provides rich visualization, automation, and security for VMs running on AHV. 


There are instances in which flow is not configured in your environment but still, you will see the following alert 


"Flow Control Plane Failed" 


There could be multiple reasons for the alert to be recurring but if you're sure that you have not enabled flow in your infrastructure, you can use the following KB article to get a better idea about the alert, confirm if the flow is enabled or not and the possible workarounds 


"Flow Control Plane Failed" alert appears on PE even if Flow is not enabled


Want to know more about Flow and it's best practices? 


The following document will help you understand the architecture and common guidelines regarding Nutanix Flow 


Nutanix Flow Guide 



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