Fixing Imaging Issues

  • 17 December 2021
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When imaging fails for one or more nodes in the cluster, the progress bar turns red and a red check appears next to the hypervisor address field for any node that was not imaged successfully. Possible reasons for a failure include the following:

  • A type of failure was detected. Check connectivity to the IPMI (bare-metal workflow).

  • There are network connectivity issues such as the following:

    • The connection is dropping intermittently. If intermittent failures persist, look for conflicting IPs.

    • [Hyper-V only] SAMBA service is not running. If Hyper-V displays a warning that it failed to mount the install share, restart SAMBA with the command "sudo service smb restart".

  • Foundation ran out of disk space during the hypervisor or Phoenix preparation phase. Free up some space by deleting unwanted ISO images. In addition, a Foundation crash could leave a /tmp/tmp* directory that contains a copy of an ISO image that you can unmount (if necessary) and delete. Foundation requires 9 GB of free space for Hyper-V and 3 GB for ESXi or AHV.

  • The host boots but returns the error indicating an issue with reaching the Foundation VM. The message varies per hypervisor. For example, on ESXi you might see a ks.cfg:line 12: "/.pre" script returned with an error error message. Ensure that you assign the host an IP address on the same subnet as the Foundation VM or multihoming is configured. Also check for IP address conflicts.

To identify and resolve imaging problems, do the following:

  1. See the individual log file for any failed nodes for information about the problem.

    • Controller VM location for Foundation logs:~/data/logs/foundation and~/data/logs/foundation.out[.timestamp]

    • Bare metal location for Foundation logs:/home/nutanix/foundation/log

  2. When the issue is resolved, click the Image Nodes (bare metal workflow) button.

  3. Image Nodes Button (bare-metal)_Tlj4MK8uA7QsukNsrvhh5z50fsD8DYRyg_ReT2UYZXffF42z_ND0tlkeVCFu0NrExKxlcXS9jTEN_YREUQx5rVKyKvsBSG4IzqRY9n6Q-fLQNA8zwK7V2t5EvCLj3TSS63fPCUL

  4. Repeat the preceding steps as necessary to resolve any other imaging errors.
    If you are unable to resolve the issue for one or more of the nodes, it is possible to image these nodes one at a time (Contact Support for help).


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