Firmware upgrade before breakfast - Life Cycle Manager (LCM)

  • 11 October 2019
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Once you complete firmware upgrade start prepping for another one. Eternal compatibility matrix checks, arguments with vendors on a version that is supported by both compute and hypervisor, forgetting to include plugins into upgrade and the list just goes on and on. Sounds familiar? There is a way out.

Developed as the second generation of one-click upgrade LCM simplifies this problem for Nutanix environments. LCM provides a single process in Prism that identifies and qualifies upgrade paths against tested and validated versions, then uses a nondisruptive one-click process to complete the upgrade. LCM can perform firmware upgrades on the following server platforms:
  • Nutanix NX appliances.
  • Dell XC and XC Core appliances.
  • Lenovo HX and HX Core appliances.
When you upgrade firmware, we recommend that you use the latest versions of AOS, Foundation, and LCM.

Quick snapshot of LCM workflow:

Start with LCM glossary.
Coffee read on LCM: Nutanix Upgrades: Life Cycle Manager.
More details on performing updates with LCM.
Accessing LCM in AOS versions and Prism Central.

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