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  • 18 August 2021
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Era offers the following key services for several database engines:

  • One-Click Provisioning

  • Copy Data Management

  • Database Protection

  • One-click Patching


One-Click Provisioning:

Era enables you to easily provision database environments (either production or otherwise) on the Nutanix clusters. Era provisioning service includes the following components

  • Database engines: Custom software images that can be tailored to fit your needs.

  • Database profiles: Customizable database profiles for software, compute, networking and database parameters.

  • Database recovery SLAs: Customizable recovery SLAs for continuous, daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs)


Copy Data Management

  • Era enables you to clone your databases and refresh the database clones by using snapshots or transaction logs.

  • Era uses storage-efficient Nutanix snapshots, thus lowering the cost of storing multiple copies of your databases.

  • Era allows you to clone and refresh your clones to a point in time, making the clone and refresh operations highly granular.

  • The Era copy data management service includes the following components:

    • Time Machine: Collects logs and snapshots from the database.

    • One-click cloning and refresh: zero-byte database clones to any point in time.


Database Protection:

  • Era protects your database with full database consistent backups within a matter of minutes.

  • With Era, you can do the following:

    • One-click snapshots for simplifying database rollback.

    • Explore your backup data through a robust time machine.

    • Backup your datastores instantaneously with no overhead.


One-Click Patching:

  • Ensure data security with one-click patching to efficiently validate critical database updates. 

  • Era provides out-of-band patching of databases to eliminate database configuration sprawl.


For more information, please refer to  Era User Guide


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