Enabling NGT via v4 API.

  • 20 October 2023
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I am trying to create a script to enable NGT on machines that have NGT installed. The v4.0.a1 API does not seem to allow this. Once NGT has been manually enabled via the GUI, a PUT to /api/vmm/v4.0.a1/ahv/config/vms/{extId]/guest-tools API can be used to amend enablement and capabilities, but if it has not been enabled manually it does not appear to allow any configuration.

Task returns error code 10000, Failed to perform the operation due to an internal error.

If you do a GET of a machine prior to manual enablement via /api/vmm/v4.0.a1/ahv/config/vms/{extId} the guest tools part of the JSON that is returned is missing.

Is this missing functionality or there is something I am doing incorrectly.

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