Done with default_password_check in the NCC report?

  • 18 February 2020
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Let’s say you run the NCC health check in your cluster from a cvm and it's clean, other than this one INFO check regarding default_password_check. 

Running : health_checks system_checks default_password_check
[==================================================] 100%
/health_checks/system_checks/default_password_check [ INFO ]
Detailed information for default_password_check:
Node x.x.x.x:
INFO: One or more IPMI devices are still using the default password
Refer to KB 6153 ( for details on default_password_check or Recheck with: ncc health_checks system_checks default_password_check
| State | Count |
| Info | 1 |
| Total Plugins | 1 |


Essentially, this check verifies if there are any CVMs (Controller VMs), hosts, IPMIs, or Prism Central (PC) instances with the default credentials.


You know it's not something to worry about and you’re aware of why it is being shown. But that satisfaction of seeing all PASS in a report is something ecstatic.


To change the default passwords and getting rid of this check from the NCC report, take a look at KB-6153.


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