Does Data Locality Really Matter?

  • 31 January 2019
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GV Govindasamy (Nutanix Senior Solutions and Performance Engineer ) has written a series of three blog posts on data locality, I thought I would summarize and share them here. Be the first to reply with a question below.

Does data locality really matter?
Does data locality matter in HCI Architecture? Data locality is not just about storing new data in local node. It's also about keeping relevant useful data local when needed for low latency access. Read more.

Can data locality help scale throughput?
X-Ray's throughput-scalability-random-reads and throughput-scalability-sequential-reads tests help answer the following: Can IOPS or throughput rate sustain over time? As number of nodes grow in cluster, can throughput or IOPS scale with it? Read more.

What if Data Locality was not a design choice in Nutanix AOS?
What if data locality was not considered in Nutanix AOS architecture like a few other HCI architectures available in the market? Would AOS suffer the same as other architectures for high throughput workloads such as DSS? Read more.

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Data Locality is easily glossed over with all of the other cool features and since it has just been there since the beginning. But it is so important as a feature that sets NTNX apart from the wanna be copy cats.