Do I need to arrange for a downtime for an upgrade?

  • 31 July 2020
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Do I need to arrange for a downtime for an upgrade? How long does the process takes? If you are planning for an upcoming upgrade and have these questions, look no more:

At Nutanix, upgrades are always designed to be done without needing any downtime for User VMs. 

Before every upgraded it is recommended to go through the Prerequisitesto avoid any issues in upgrades. This document is intended to explain a bit about how each upgrade work and to share some useful best practices for administrators.

Is downtime required?


Is there performance impact?

Nutanix recommends performing upgrades during your scheduled maintenance window or outside your normal business hours. Otherwise, users might experience latency during the upgrade process. This latency may be especially noticeable for clusters that use only 1GB-speed network uplinks due to the limited bandwidth available on this configuration.

How long does it take?

From 15 minutes to one hour depending on number of nodes and type of upgrade 

For in-depth information about each of them, here is an article link- kb 6945

Recommended Upgrade Order             

Upgrade Process                                        




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