Deleting one VM triggering deletion of correlated VM with slight name difference?

  • 31 January 2023
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One of my employees deleted 2 VMs with the name like xxxxxxxxxxxB1234 and xxxxxxxxxxxxxB1235 and at the same time xxxxxxxxxxxxxT1234 and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxT1235 were deleted. (Logs show that he deleted them like less than a minute later) He claims that he did not touch those two. Is it possible that two VMs can be corelated somehow and deleting one triggers deletion of another one? One was bench and one was test. The only difference in name was one letter.

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Hello @Niklus 

When the Recycle Bin is enabled, AOS creates a Recycle Bin associated with the storage container configured in your cluster. If you then delete a storage entity (like a guest VM or volume group vDisk), the Recycle Bin retains vDisk and configuration data files for up to 24 hours.


To restore a storage entity, contact Nutanix Support.