CVM with ESXi/Hyper-V

  • 24 April 2019
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If we use the ESXi/Hyper-v as the Hypervisor, does the Satadom will be formatted(Removing AHV) and then install ESXi?

What happens to CVM in this case? Any manual operation is required?

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3 replies

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CE doesn't work w ESXi or Hyper-V so not sure your goal there. If you need those hypervisors you will need to go into a commercial product.
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@jrack Thank you

Assuming it as a commercial product, will CVM still be available when we use Esxi...

I'm trying to learn and wanted to know what happens if there is a actual commercial appliance
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Hi @Nanda

No matter which hypervisor you are using (AHV, ESXi or Hyper-V), the AOS running on CVM will be the same. There is no different AOS for each hypervisor. Except if you are using IBM Power, but let focus on x86 platform.

To summarize, in Nutanix we will have a CVM running on any type of hypervisor, the difference between the CVMs will be only the virtual hardware type, since each hypervisor present a different type of virtual hardware to the CVM.

Nutanix tools like Foundation and Phoenix are used to install the hypervisor on physical server, configure the hypervisor and install the CVM according with the hypervisor.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.