• 28 May 2021
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Hi Team,

Am a beginner in learning Nutanix, please guide me in getting understanding the below!. 

if we have a Esxi Cluster using Prism Element, we can manager the operations?

each host in the Esxi cluster will have CVM!

if we connected to <a.Esxi host> from the cluster to execute a command using "aCLI", why the commands, will pass to other CVM's (CVM - inside hosts)?


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I have never used ESXI with Nutanix, I have always used AHV. 
That being said, each node always has a CVM as the HBA’s are passed through to the CVM. 

acli is used for managing VM’s/Networks/snapshots/Hosts , for example you can take snapshots of VM’s or even list all the VM’s.

acli is only available in the CVM’s, it is not available in the root/host user. (will attach a screenshot for you to see.) 

ACLI as host is not found

I hope this helps. :relaxed:


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Hi Godaba,

You can image the nodes with ESXi and form a cluster. you will need to register the vcenter in the Prism to connect to the vcenter on the Vmware


acli (acropolis cli) is used to execute commands to query host status, Vm info and snapshots. Works on AHV cluster


For more info, please refer: vSphere_admin_guide_for_acropolis