CVM Overheads

  • 19 June 2019
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Could some one help me to understand how to calculate CVM overheads? I mean witout using the Sizer.
I'm prety sure that some time before I have seen something about that in the documentation but now is removed. Nutanix bible sows some infor Drive Breakdown section but I'm not sure that it is up to date.

So my question is how I can calculate overheads for the below:

  • Nutanix Home
  • Ext4 Formatting
  • Genesis
  • Cassandra
  • OpLog
  • Content Cache
  • Ext4 Formatting
  • Genesis
  • Curator

1 reply

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It also mentioned in Sizer that for mode details refer to CVM Sizing is here Sizing Approaches and Logic. Does any one know what is that and have a link?