create disk physical sector size

  • 27 November 2020
  • 3 replies

AHV creating disk with 4k physical sector size. I have a requirement to create 512-bytes sector size. Finding no options parameter with vm.disk_create. Is there any other way to achieve this requriement. 

3 replies

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 @Prasanta Kumar The change will impact all virtual machines and volume groups served by Nutanix Volumes and it may lead to degraded performance in some instances. Therefore, this should not be done without understanding the exact requirement of why to do. Also, there could be other ways to solve the issue as it varies from instance by instance.


So may I know why you want to change it from 4K to 512?


A short answer to your questions is yes, there is a way to change from 4k to 512 bytes but the steps are internal.



Hello Neel,, appreciate your quick and brief explanation. This requirement is relate to windows storage replica, which is complaining about different sector size between two volume on two different systems those are exact same size but on different virtual environment. I agree, it is not a good idea to change at Nutanix volume level and certainly I will not be going for that. I was just checking for a possibility to that at individual disk level. 

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Hi @Prasanta Kumar I am afraid to say the change is not as per individual disk level but it is cluster wide change.