Cover changing the default passwords on the Nutanix CVM (Controller VM), hypervisor, Prism Element and IPMI.

  • 6 May 2020
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Find the best way to change all of the administrators password on Nutanix.

This what I have done:

#Changing the admin acct of PE
ncli user reset-password user-name=admin password='$NewPassWD$@pe'

#Changing the root acct of AHV
for i in `hostips`;do echo "--$i--";ssh root@$i 'echo -e "$NewPassWD$@ahv" | passwd --stdin root';done

#Changing the nutanix acct of CVM
echo "$NewPassWD$@cvm" | sudo passwd --stdin nutanix

#Change the ADMIN acct of the IPMI
for i in `hostips`;
                ssh root@$i 'for id in `/ipmitool user list |grep 'ADMIN '|cut -d" " -f1`; do
                echo $id;
                /ipmitool user set password $id "ADMINXXXXXXX";
                done' ;

 ncc health_checks system_checks default_password_check

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